I Cannot Reread My Blog Posts

For those of you that are curious on an update, I’m getting there…how exactly? AVOID AVOID AVOID! What am I avoiding exactly? My blog posts. I think back to the time that I was shaking and crying because I was pregnant. I was so unhappy to be in the “worst” situation. Now I am so... Continue Reading →


And Now, Now I Still Feel Fearless

I was just walking out of work the other night remembering that full feeling of being pregnant. I was mostly bloated and my tits hurt like hell but nonetheless it meant I was pregnant. I thought woah, I was okay with, even ecstatic about tackling life pregnant and later with having a child. It put... Continue Reading →

Holy Shit Guys I’m Having a Baby!

Within a week I’ve gone through an absolute rollercoaster of emotions! Commonly known as the cycle of grief: (yes I know nobody died, but it sure felt like it for a second!) Denial…. Well was I really denying that positive pregnancy test? YES, yes I was damn it! I need to sue Clear Blue because... Continue Reading →

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